The Whiskey Education Foundation offers whiskey education and whiskey tasting in California. Whether it’s a private event or any other occasion, our team of educators delivers phenomenal whiskey education and tasting experiences that you will always savor.

Whiskey Tasting In California

Are you looking for a unique and customizable whiskey tasting experience in California? Look no further than Whiskey Edu! We offer both in-person and virtual whiskey tastings for private and corporate clients, all tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our whiskey tastings are designed to cater to all levels of whiskey appreciation, whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a complete novice. No matter your experience level, we’ll create an event that enriches your education and enjoyment of this classic spirit. Our whiskey tastings are perfect for various occasions, from birthdays and holiday parties to team building events and customer appreciation.

Our virtual whiskey tastings include five to ten samples that are carefully selected to showcase the best that the world of whiskey has to offer. And don’t worry if you’re new to the scene – our whiskey experts will guide you through the tasting, offering insights and tips to enhance your experience.

Public Events Between San Jose and San Francisco

If you’re located in either San Jose or San Francisco, California, we offer in-person tastings events that bring the ultimate whiskey experience and education to your location.

Whiskey Tasting Beyond California

And if you’re located elsewhere, our virtual whiskey tastings are the perfect way to connect and enjoy a unique and memorable event with colleagues or friends from anywhere in the country.

Why wait? Schedule your in-person or virtual whiskey tasting today and discover the fascinating world of whiskey with Whiskey Edu!


Below, you’ll discover a range of links that lead to our online whiskey education online resources. Delve into our carefully curated collection and expand your knowledge of this beloved spirit.

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