Scottish Distilleries A-Z Series (18)


Tasting drams from all the Scottish Distilleries from A to Z. The budget for the six bottles at each tasting is $1800. Each tasting will come with six, 1 ounce samples and will be conducted via Zoom.

Pour List:

  • Imperial 28-year old (Silent Distillery, Known for its American Cream Soda Style, 1 of 600 bottles)
  • Speyburn 21-year old (Distillery known for its “dusty barley field in the sun“ fragrance)
  • Inchgower 23-year old (Distillery known for a coastal sweet-salty tones, 1 of 690 bottles)
  • Glenturret 12-year old (Distillery with a light spirit that tends to do well in Sherry Cask)
  • Glenglassaugh 10-year old (Distillery with honeyed floral tones, 1 of 370 bottles)
  • Highland Park 21-year old (Island Smoke from a highly regarded distillery)


This tasting series which happens every two weeks attempts to explore all 160 Scottish distilleries (post-WWII). We will not only taste active distilleries, but also silent famous distilleries. To expand our whisky appreciation, we will taste a variety of styles (single-malt, single-grain; bourbon, sherry, and wine cask; unpeated, peated; older whisky, younger distillate-forward whisky). Bottles are sourced from auctions, distilleries, and private collections and average $300 per bottle. Join our group when you can as we meet every two weeks on Zoom.


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