Third Wednesday of Each Month at 6:00PM

  • Aug 17, Sept 21, Oct 19, …
Welcome to our monthly Whisky Study Group Club. Thank you for continuing on this journey with us and welcome if you have never joined us. Whisky is of course about good stories, good smells and good tastes. But whisky never tastes as good, if it is not shared with good friends (old and new).
The idea of the group is for everyone to get a chance to try hard-to-find bottles. Some are allocated bottles that sell out in minutes or are only offered to high-spending customers. These bottles might be from small distilleries or small Independent Bottlers or too expensive to buy a bottle if you don’t know that you will like it. Occasionally, we will have a bottle that is too expensive to ever buy on your own.
Even more important, at the end of the evening, everyone will have a random chance to buy the remainder of each bottle. So you can have it as a prized possession to share with other friends.
We will have whisky from a cross-section of casks (wine, sherry, port, etc). Unpeated and peated. Old and young. Scotch whisky and world whisky. This program is meant for everyone from beginners to advanced whisky drinkers, but we bet that you have not had such consistently good whisky at other online tastings.
Most months we will have an education theme. Some months the only theme will be to drink DGW (Darn Good Whisky). This month’s Theme: Let’s learn about Irish Whisky
What’s included:
  • Six, 1-ounce samples where average bottle price is $300
  • Tasting glass,
  • Tasting notes with fun scotch facts and distillery information.
POUR LIST: Wednesday, August 17
  • Glendalough 17-year old (Irish. Finished in the fabled Mizunara Cask, 1 of 615 bottles)
  • Daftmill 12-year old (Scotch. From one of the 5 smallest distilleries. Distillate-Forward [cereal] taste, 1 of 1680 bottles)
  • Athru 14-year old (Irish. Tokaji Wine Cask finish. Billy Walker is involved, 1 of 6600 bottles)
  • Tobermory 26-year old (Scotch. SMWS 42.56 “Sipping Whisky from an Oyster Shell”, 1 of 180 bottles)
  • Redbreast 27-year old (Irish. Supposed to be the best Irish whiskey ever made. This is Batch 1 released in 2019)
  • Williamson 9-year old (Scotch. “Teaspoon-ed” Laphroaig. Bottled by Whiskybase. 1 of 192 bottles)